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Aligned with overall business strategy, creation of supply chain strategy, sourcing strategy
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Supplier Identification, supply base development, low-cost country sourcing, pull-system development, lead time reduction

Supplier Development

Supplier KPI (Key Process Indicator) identification and implementation, supplier scorecard process creation, supplier selection process
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Price & Contract Negotiation

Cost model development, market pricing analysis, multi-vendor bidding, contract / non-disclosure guidance, rebate/productivity clause development

Process Development & Implementation

Supply chain process development, including receiving/warehouse process, purchasing process, planning processes, sourcing processes, supplier quality processes

Supply Chain Optimization

End-to-end supply chain optimization to net lowest total cost, lowest resource requirements and optimal inventory levels
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What's unique about Nitro?

Nitro Brings Strategy PLUS Action to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Strategy & Insight

We’re idea makers with a knack for both creative thinking and high-level strategy to dramatically improve how your products are sourced. We’ll build the plan that meets your supply goals.

Hands-on Action

The plan’s great, but whose job is it now to implement it? Nitro’s, of course—we stay engaged as team members as long as it takes to ensure the strategy takes off.

We love assisting businesses to start thinking strategically about their supply chains.

Many of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are well-staffed with buyers and those who can get the job done day to day, but they lack the time or insight to make the big changes that could greatly improve their business. While traditional consultants stop short of becoming team members and implementing the strategy, hiring a full-time expert is too expensive. Nitro is a bridge between a traditional consultant and a full-time hire: we work as part of your company’s team, allowing you to get the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time.

Case Studies

Proven Results

Water Technology Solutions Company

Situation: Continual shortages, tactical purchasing, lack of material control, no long-term supply chain strategy, material lead time issues.

Challenges: Customer lead time requirements were less than raw material lead time, design changes during production result in new material requirements

Results: Developed long-term and short-term supply chain strategy, drove development for standardized engineered components to reduce assembled component lead time to match end-customer expectations. Developed processes to manage material control.

International Chemical Company

Situation: Sizeable, growing excess inventory, expired, and off-grade inventory with an ineffective management system in place.

Challenges: Customer-specific inventory, manual rework process, lack of focus on inventory resolution actions

Results: Developed multiple solutions to reduce excess and off-grade inventory through process-driven, technology-based automated workflow. Solution expected to reduce non-producing inventory by almost 25%.

Energy Equipment Manufacturer

Situation: Excess inventory, few POs being delivered; significant shortages, high pricing.

Challenges: Lack of purchase order visibility, fire-fighting approach to purchasing, poor supplier performance.

Results: Annual RFQs generated 3-47% savings across categories, expedite/defer process developed, supplier scorecard implemented, inventory reduced by 20%, virtually all avoidable shortages eliminated, inventory accuracy increased from then 85% to over 98% in 1 year.


Hear What Customers Say

I have the pleasure to work with Brian for several months in 2020 as part of the supply chain value chain project workstream. Brian demonstrated a high level of data analytical skills and strong experience in various supply chain topics.

Due to COVID-19, the project was conducted 100% virtual. Brian adapted the new way of working and became a critical part of the team quickly. Brian was focused, dependable, and results driven.

I would recommend Brian for supply chain related projects. Brian would be an asset to help and provide value at stake to your team.

T-Y Teh, North America Senior Supply Chain Leader, Solvay

It has been a pleasure to have Brian on the team at Solvay for 3 months in Q4 2020. He supported us on a high pace ambitious diagnostic project and helped us find solutions to reduce the amount of slow-moving goods and reduce inventory levels while maintaining customer satisfaction. He was able to quickly get into the topic, ran insightful analysis that led to good discussions and new solutions. He animated work with many stakeholders in the business and was able to generate good workshop relationships with his counterparts. I was glad he supported our team.

Benoit V., Transformation Manager, Solvay


Brian helped to get my company’s supply chain off to a great start.

His experience and expertise allowed us to hit the ground running with supply chain processes, procedures, and supplier sourcing.

Nelson Quinnell, Vice President Operations and Manufacturing, Magna Imperio Systems

We hired Brian at Wellflex as our Vice President of Supply Chain to solve an issue that vexed our company since the start; maximize the performance and value of our Supply Chain. I asked him for a 5% reduction in overall material cost and he developed a process that delivered over 9% in the first year. He engaged his team on how to utilize data and measure performance as well as enlist great suppliers to jump on board his initiatives and to become “certified” suppliers. He developed his team to deliver real savings that produced real bottom-line results. Quickly. His process works!

David Baughman, Chief Operating Officer, Wellflex Energy Solutions

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Brian Snodgrass


Brian Snodgrass is a hands-on, results-driven professional with more than 15 years of comprehensive supply chain experience. Before starting Nitro Supply Chain Services, Brian was the Vice President of Supply Chain at an energy company, leading the entire supply chain with his team of 14. Previously, he gained a deep experience in strategy development and execution through holding multiple global director roles in both direct and indirect sourcing and supply chain at a large multinational manufacturing company. In these roles, he led global teams and negotiated with suppliers in person on four continents and remotely on five. His individual and team career savings exceed $25M. He has sourced, negotiated and managed suppliers for all types of raw material, finished goods, and services.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Supply chain strategy building and execution
  • Commodity and category strategy formation
  • Supplier contract negotiation
  • Cost savings generation (material and services)
  • Business process creation and implementation
  • Supply chain team development
  • Supplier development
  • Spend and data analytics

Having started his supply chain career at McDonald Technologies—a small, electronics contract manufacturing business—he developed a passion for small businesses. He also developed a strong, lean, data-driven and process-oriented way of working during his tenure at large publicly traded companies. He leverages this experience, tailored to the specific customer situation to deliver consistent results.

Nitro Supply Chain Solutions was started as a result of Brian’s passion for helping small businesses succeed and his desire to connect talented and hard-working supply chain professionals with opportunities that fit their skill set. As a result, Nitro is a flexible, solutions-oriented company that can provide end-to-end supply chain solutions and cost saving results.

Brian is a Texas native and currently lives in Fort Worth with his wife and three children. His personal projects include restoring Studebakers previously owned by his grandfather and great-grandfather. He also enjoys modifying his children’s electric vehicles.

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